About Us

MyRedLine is a social media campaign concentrated in raising people’s voice and sharing their Red Lines while the Peace Talks is happening among multiple parties; including the Taliban outside the country. Afghans remember and suffered a lot during the Taliban’s regime that ended on 2001. Every single person has at least one horrible experience that they can never go back to. In the past 18 years, despite the ups and downs, Afghanistan has had a lot of fundamental achievements such as Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Freedom of Speech, Democracy and more. None of these have come cheap. This campaign is solely depending on preserving the achievements of the past two decades.The campaign was started by producing 30 less than two minutes video clips from the citizens in different clusters of the community in the capital, Kabul. Each video clip is a message that needs to be taken into consideration during the Peace Talks in Doha, Qatar. All of the videos were casted by professional video and photographers. Following that each of the videos are edited with the English subtitles and music. Following that it shall be shared in Social Media using the hashtag (#خطـسرخ‌ـمن & #ځماـسره‌ـکرښه, #MyRedLine). The first spark of the campaign was founded by an invitation video by Farahnaz Forotan on March 14th of 2019, with a message that contained “I am a journalist and I want to remain a journalist. MyRedline is my pen and my freedom of expression. What is your Red Line?”The Campaign attracted dozens of national and international attentions and after that it went to Helmand, Kandahar and Bamyan collecting the voices of the people. People have been more than ever willing to raise their voices and express their frustration rom this non-stop wars and a will for a long-lasting peace.


The impact of the MyRedLine campaign has been enormous in Social Media, and Press Media. So far, the campaign has created nearly 15 million Social Media impressions from the publication of the voices from three provinces. The campaign has also had an impact on the vernacular of the Afghan people, with everyone from President Ashraf Ghani to street workers using the term ‘RedLine’ to describe issues of importance to them.