Long-lasting Peace in Afghanistan

She is a student. Her home is in Lashkargah where war’s effects are felt in each breath. This is the voice of a Helmandi young girl that the impact of war is allowing her to show us her eyes only. But she is standing tall and her voice is louder than the war.


می خواهم یک صلح دوامدار باشد که دوام داشته باشد. اینطور نباشد که یکی دو روز صلح بیاید و پس هیچی نباشد و دوباره همان  حالت باشد. صلح دوامدار باشد تا هرکس به رفتار خود عمل کند. مثلا مکتب و غیره باشد. اینطور نباشد که طالبان بیاید زنان در خانه بنشینند جای رفته نتوانند؛ نه مکتب، نه جای دیگری. می خواهم صلح دوامدار باشد.

I want a sustainable peace in Afghanistan. Not like this for one or two days and then nothing is here and again in the same old situation. A sustainable peace that everyone does their job. Like there should be schools and things like that. It shouldn’t be like this that the Taliban comes and the women must sit at home and shouldn’t go anywhere; not to school nor to anywhere. I want a long-lasting peace.

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