What is a RedLine? 

A RedLine is a statement of an individual that they do not want it jeopardized, misrepresented and misused during the Peace Talks and beyond.
Afghan people have sacrificed more than enough for a very long time. This is a time to put an end to and preserve what were achieved by so much blood.
Every Afghan has the right to raise their voices and stand for their fundamental rights. The right to have an open society where every individual has the right to study, work and the right to live!
We are going to each province of Afghanistan and collect their RedLines. Kabul, Helmand, Kandahar and Bamyan has shared their RedLines with us. 30 more provinces to go!

Whose RedLine? 

Every Afghan’s RedLine!
If you are inside or out of Afghanistan, if you are in the city or in the village, woman or a man… this platform is for you!
You have every right to raise your voice and make it heard. Every voice counts and every voice matters. We are collecting only a number of RedLines from each province, but we rely more on Afghans to share their RedLines, as well.

Submit your redline

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