MyRedLine is a grassroots movement that rely on the support of groups and individuals who believe in the core values of an open society. War and terrorism know no boundaries and differentiate among none.
We welcome support for the strengthening of Afghanistan’s voice in order to preserve the decades of achievements, sacrifices and every citizen’s fundamental rights.

UN Women has been working in Afghanistan since 2002 (as UNIFEM until 2010). Its current programmes are closely aligned with national priorities, focusing in particular on violence against women – both in terms of protection and prevention – leadership and economic empowerment.

CCC is a research and documentation agency based in New Delhi, India, Cutting Chai Content partners with influential global brands and organisations to map change and humanise impact on the world’s newest consumer and narrative frontiers, where many things are happening for the very first time: from the internet and extreme sports, to access to healthcare and environmental conservation. Alongside its commercial work, Cutting Chai Content is committed to supporting, and collaborating on, impactful independent storytelling worldwide.

The Netherlands Embassy in Kabul has been one of the major supporters of Afghan society and long-term friend. MyRedLine is one of so many initiatives that the Netherlands Embassy has supported because of a greater value and common cause for the betterment of Afghanistan and the world.