I am Happy that Peace Comes to Afghanistan

She was barely a kid when she got engaged. She was a young girl when her fiancé was killed in the war. She could never go to school. When I asked why? she said because they were living in Marja district of Helmand. Not even her brothers could go to school. She kept insisting to take her interview as well.


من خوشحال هستم که در افغانستان صلح بیاید. فرزندان، خواهران و برادران ما باید مکتب بخوانند. در آینده داکتران شوند یا استادان. یک شخصی از خود بسازند. مانند من بی سواد نمانند. من بی سواد ماندم. ما در مارجه (هملمند) بودیم و اجازه نداشتیم به مکتب برویم. تنها مکتب مردانه بود که در آن پسران نیز به بسیارمشکلات می رفتند. بعضی وقت (طالبان) مانع راهشان می شدند. حتی برادرانم مکتب نخواندند. حال چون در شهر آمده ایم آنان مکتب میروند، اما در آن جا (مارجه) مکتب نمی رفتند.

I am happy that peace comes to Afghanistan. Our children, sisters and brothers have to go to schools. Become doctors or teachers, or make something of themselves in the future. I don’t want them to remain illiterate like me. I remained illiterate. We were living in Marja and we weren’t allowed to go to school. Only boy’s schools were there and they also had a lot of problems going. Sometimes they were stopped along the way. Even my brothers didn’t go to school. Now that we have come to the city, they go to school, but there were no schools.

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